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Whitney Houston’s long lost lady love?

It is no new thing, rumors about celebrities who are closeted, especially from previous generations. Times when people like Clive Davis might scoop up young model/songstresses who had a penchant for being a little too street, and turn them into  gown-wearing, diva superstars. Diva superstars who may have had a girlfriend when he picked them up, were instructed to lose the lady. 

This is all hearsay, but word on the streets for a LONG time has been that Whitney Houston’s real lady love was a woman named Robyn Crawford. Alledgedly, they were together when Whitney first blew, and then Robyn stayed on as her close ‘personal assistant’. 

Hugs: Whitney, left with Bobby Brown, mother Cissy and Robyn Crawford

(Whitney, Bobby Brown, Whitney’s mother Cissy, and Robyn Crawford)

Here is an article by a man who claims to have seen it all firsthand:

"I met Whitney and her female partner at the Reach Out & Touch HIV vigil in London in 1991. 

Whitney spoke movingly in support of people with HIV, at a time when many other stars kept their distance. Her support was much valued. 

She advocated the welfare and human rights of people with HIV. It was a  commendable stand.”

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