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Watch our homies MOTHER perform their dope song ‘Easy’ on Perez TV while repping WE ARE YOU! <3

Fargo and KC!

We’ll be at Fargo Pride on Saturday and in Kansas City on Sunday if you’re missing out in either city!

We put up a bunch of photos from our awesome party on our facebook page, which we hope you all have Liked already! 

An update on upcoming shoots

Hi everyone!

Wow! Yesterday’s #WEAREYOU party in LA was a huge smash! We shot another 246 faces, and therewith have finished shooting in California once and for all! 

Just to clarify why that is: We will not go to the Washington Monument without having shot in ALL FIFTY STATES, which means that we have to pace ourselves. We are now at 6,851 portraits, which is phenomenal, but we still have a number of states to hit. So that’s why we won’t be back in CA or NY for this project. That being said, if you’re in NY and you want to be in it, you should come to one of the Jersey shoots, and if you’re in southern Cali, come to Vegas! 

Here are the remaining tour dates -

::Fort Wayne, Indiana - July 26th

::Pittsburgh Black Pride - July 27th

::Delaware Pride - August 2nd

::Fargo, North Dakota - August 17th

::Toledo, Ohio - August 23rd

::Las Vegas, Nevada - September 6th

::Vermont Pride in Burlington, Vermont - September 14th

::Columbia, South Carolina - September 20th

::Virginia Pride, Brownsville, Virginia - September 27th

::East coast tour, including Kentucky, West Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine - September 24th through October 2nd

So that leaves the following states free and open for your input and help to put together shoots!










New Mexico


New Shoots and States!

Hi all! 

We are thrilled to announce the continuation of the Self Evident Pride Tour of 2014! Here are our upcoming shoot dates:

Santa Barbara Pride - Santa Barbara, CA - July 12th, 2014

LA WE ARE YOU Party - LA, CA - July 13th, 2014

Fort Wayne Pride - Fort Wayne, IN - July 26th

Pittsburgh Black Pride - Pittsburgh, PA - July 27th

Delaware Pride - Dover, DE - Aug 2nd

Fargo Pride - ND - Aug 17th

Toledo Pride - Toledo, OH - Aug 23rd

Vegas Pride - Las Vegas, NV - Sep 5th & 6th

Vermont Pride - VT - Sep 14th 

Columbia Pride - Columbia, SC - Sep 20th

Virginia Pride - VA - Sep 27th


Thank you NorCal! What a wonderful trip! Just about 150 new faces over the last few days on our spontaneous Northern California tour. 

We’ll be in San Diego November 3rd for sure. See you there!


If you own a WE ARE YOU t-shirt or sticker, please instagram/tweet/fb post a picture of yourself in it, and hashtag #weareyou!

the SET crew


Ding Dong DOMA’s dead!

We love getting mail like this from you guys!

"Hello Self Evident Truths!

I’m Charlotte from London, U.K…
I found out about your project a while ago because I really really love the band CSS…they’d posted about your work and I checked it out.
Recently, they played a gig in London…I went and Kashi was there…I told her how I had your t-shirt.
It’s one of my favourite shirts to wear and people always ask what it says/means and it’s good to be able to tell them about it.
Wearing it has helped me come out to colleagues who wouldn’t have otherwise known/asked…it’s a good conversation starter!
Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I think what you are doing is great.
I hope that one day you can make it to London.
xoxo Charlotte”

Ok! All disasters and relief aside, our order of t-shirts is FINALLY on the way! Get em while their hot! Smalls and Mediums sell out the fastest! And while we’re at it, check out how cute they look on our buddy Tegan in Austin recently. ;)

Get them at for only $20 bucks!

(you can photo reply here if you want, and show us a photo of how cute you look in yours.) 

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