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The Southern Tour photos are uppppppp!!!! 685 new faces to meander!



Athens, Georgia, March 8th, 2012

iO looking very proper, in Knoxville.

Kashi starting her tan in Dallas, and Kashi comfortably tanned in Knoxville. (You should have seen her shoe tan)

Jeff looking exactly the same in New Orleans and Knoxville..

A couple shots of the crew from the Southern Road Trip.

Nathan in New Orleans..

Brace yourself for how cute this is…

Still editing. 

This is Athens. Almost there. 

#SelfEvidentTruths #SouthernTour #SET 

A little wisdom from Jeriah in Knoxville, TN.

36 faces in Asheville today!! We’ll see you in Knoxville on Sunday, at Lox Salon, and on Monday at OUTreach at UT from 10-5, and then THAT’S IT? What?! How is it possible..? The Southern Tour will be over.. boooo. We don’t wanna go

iO and Kashi

Southern Tour, Dispatch #1/Dallas Shoot Location

Hi everyone!

Greetings from a motel in Dallas, Texas.The view out the door here is all crystal clears and baby blues.

The Southern tour has been a smash so far. We shot 58 people in Oklahoma City, and another 30 or so in Wichita Falls, Texas this morning. We’ve met such incredible people and already the stories have made us well up.

Tomorrow we’ll be shooting from 10am-5pm at The Mining Company, at 3903 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX.

Please come down and see us, and bring all your friends!

Much southern love,

iO & Kashi

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