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Self Evident Magazine - Adam Scher

A self-described “jack of all trades,” Adam Scher is a New York-based artist working with the fascinating and important intersection of performance and technology. After unexpectedly falling in love with dance and design, Adam started working through a variety of media to create work that’s both accessible and exciting, like The Living Room Project. His success and enthusiasm has fueled Adam’s drive to help others further their creative ideas through his company, Operation: CMYK. As one of the first people to volunteer to be shot for the Self Evident Truths Project, Adam’s a long time supporter and friend of SET’s mission to humanize gay-America. 

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Self Evident Magazine - Matthu Placek

So many of the Self Evident Truths subjects do crazy interesting things with their lives, so we’ve decided to showcase some of them, through what we are calling the Self Evident Magazine! Our first subject is talented New York photographer/director/artist Matthu Placek. If you feel like you have an interesting story, email us at


Matthu Placek is a New York-based photographer whose work has appeared in a diverse range of places, including The New York Times, Vogue, The Museum of Modern Art, and Deitch Projects. Drawing inspiration from and collaborating with a wide array of people – Marina Abramovic, Cindy Sherman, Marc Jacobs, and Terence Koh amongst others – Matthu’s work focuses on the fine and performing arts. As one of the New Yorkers photographed for the Self Evident Truths Project, Matthu firmly believes in the humanity in all of us. 


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