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LAS VEGAS PRIDE - Las Vegas, NV - September 6th

VERMONT PRIDE - Burlington, VT - September 14th

DARTMOUTH COLLEGE - New Hampshire - September 15th

DELAWARE - TBD - September 17th

OBERLIN COLLEGE - Oberlin, OH - September 18th or 19th

COLUMBIA PRIDE - Columbia, SC - September 20th

MAINE - Portland, Maine - September 21st

RHODE ISLAND - Providence, RI - September 22nd

KENTUCKY - Louisville, KY - September 24th

VIRGINIA PRIDE - Brown’s Island, VA - September 27th

WEST VIRGINIA - TBD - September 28th 

CONNECTICUT - TBD - September 30th

Look at this beautiful queer family!!

SOUTH DAKOTA and CHICAGO this weekend!

Hey guys!
We know there have been a ton of schedule changes recently but we are super excited to be on our way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota right now. Smaller towns in states that get less attention are almost more exciting for us to shoot in. We are super psyched to see the beautiful landscape in South Dakota.

Then we will be at Chicago pride on Sunday which should be a huge blast.

Be sure to tell your friends to come find us. We need all the love and support we can get!

A dispatch from the front lines

Hey y’all,
It’s iO here. I’m writing on my little space pod in the Atlanta airport. I wanted to let you know about some changes in the tour schedule, and just say hi. :)

Tyler and I slept in ATL last night and now we are on our way to shoot Nashville Pride today. Baltimore is tomorrow, and we are so so psyched about both. Even if it means four states in three days. Southern culture is way more my thang than austere wasp vibes.

So check it: We switched some things around next weekend. Instead of New Orleans on Saturday, we are going to SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA.

One of my goals for the project is to have done a shoot in every single State when we get to the National Mall, so it’s super amazing when it’s possible to go to States that get less shine on the national stage.

On the 28th, we will be in CLEVELAND, OHIO, and Minneapolis on the 29th.

Please spread the word, tell your friends. Invite your kids, invite your wife. We out here and we photographing evvvvvrybody.

5123 faces as of today!!



PS. New Orleans, we will be back for Southern Decadence, and Seattle, we will be back for a special something soon. I promise.

There. Are. No. Words.

Well, this is incredible..

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) — Costa Rica’s new president on Friday raised a gay pride flag next to the country’s national flag at the presidential residence as part of an anti-discrimination celebration.

President Luis Guillermo Solis said at the flag ceremony that human rights will be a priority during his administration.”

Read the full article here:


SO psyched we are shooting at Long Beach Pride today! Keep an eye out here for exact location, but send your friends and come find us! Only 4,380 portraits still to go! ;)

Ellen Page is “tired of lying by omission”, and has come out! Bravo boo! We support you 100%!!


The Olympics are really bringing out all the international gay love. 

And conversely, this look at the reality of life for LGBT Russians will make you sick to your stomach.

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