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This is where Ugandan hatred and misinformation comes from. THE USA.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a #WEAREYOU sticker on the OLYMPIC MUF*@&IN RINGS IN SOCHI!!!

A beautiful face from our recent shoot at Creating Change in Houston. This beautiful 12 year old had to be shared in color. 

Here it is, the Coke ad that sparked all the controversy. And to all the bigots out there bitching about the gay family….guess what…the song was written by a gay woman. 

The “Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion” has made this awesome video in support of LGBTQ people, in regards to the Sochi Olympics. HOORAH!

This is so so sad. This person has a blog of screenshots of conversations with their awful mother.

Awesome. They take on the conversation about “What happens when lesbians date trans men??”

This beautiful proposal will turn you into a weepy ball of goop.

This is incredible. World renowned photographer Bruce Weber interviews two of the Transgender models from the new Barney’s campaign. WATCH THIS. This is one of the most sensitive, smart clips around this issue that we’ve ever seen. 

Check it out! Disney features it’s first EVER same sex ANYTHING! Yes! #progress

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