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LAS VEGAS PRIDE - Las Vegas, NV - September 6th

VERMONT PRIDE - Burlington, VT - September 14th

DARTMOUTH COLLEGE - New Hampshire - September 15th

DELAWARE - TBD - September 17th

OBERLIN COLLEGE - Oberlin, OH - September 18th or 19th

COLUMBIA PRIDE - Columbia, SC - September 20th

MAINE - Portland, Maine - September 21st

RHODE ISLAND - Providence, RI - September 22nd

KENTUCKY - Louisville, KY - September 24th

VIRGINIA PRIDE - Brown’s Island, VA - September 27th

WEST VIRGINIA - TBD - September 28th 

CONNECTICUT - TBD - September 30th

New Shoots and States!

Hi all! 

We are thrilled to announce the continuation of the Self Evident Pride Tour of 2014! Here are our upcoming shoot dates:

Santa Barbara Pride - Santa Barbara, CA - July 12th, 2014

LA WE ARE YOU Party - LA, CA - July 13th, 2014

Fort Wayne Pride - Fort Wayne, IN - July 26th

Pittsburgh Black Pride - Pittsburgh, PA - July 27th

Delaware Pride - Dover, DE - Aug 2nd

Fargo Pride - ND - Aug 17th

Toledo Pride - Toledo, OH - Aug 23rd

Vegas Pride - Las Vegas, NV - Sep 5th & 6th

Vermont Pride - VT - Sep 14th 

Columbia Pride - Columbia, SC - Sep 20th

Virginia Pride - VA - Sep 27th


SO psyched we are shooting at Long Beach Pride today! Keep an eye out here for exact location, but send your friends and come find us! Only 4,380 portraits still to go! ;)

Ellen Page is “tired of lying by omission”, and has come out! Bravo boo! We support you 100%!!


The Olympics are really bringing out all the international gay love. 

Here it is, the Coke ad that sparked all the controversy. And to all the bigots out there bitching about the gay family….guess what…the song was written by a gay woman. 

Awesome. They take on the conversation about “What happens when lesbians date trans men??”

Dear friend,
I’m writing to tell you, among other things, that I am super gay. This may or may not come as a surprise to you. If it does: Surprise! If it does not: You were right all along! Either way: Hooray!

Jenny Owens Young comes out via her fiancee’s website,

If you’re anything like us, this will turn you into a BLUBBERING MESS. 

This is Cassie. She wrote in today to tell us that since being photographed for this project in Oklahoma City back in February, her boss had a massively negative response and made it clear he’d fire her if anyone found out ‘and complained’. Read her full story on our website HERE

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