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Look at this gorgeous family! Steve, Jorge and Lexi from Denver. :) *swoon*

This is incredible! Mom becomes dad, and it works out

We found this incredible story of real love persevering, and the core of a person being the only thing that truly matters in partnership, via NPR StoryCorps. Listen to the whole thing at the link at the bottom.

'This spring, Les and Scott GrantSmith will mark their 25th wedding anniversary. The couple raised two daughters along the way. But 15 years ago, they hit a crisis that nearly shattered their family. Les was keeping a secret, and that became a problem. But they solved it as a family, in a way that kept them together and happy .

                                  Les and Scott GrantSmith visited StoryCorps in San Diego to discuss how they moved on together, after a crisis point.

In the weeks leading up to that day back in 1997, Les was certain of two things: She was a mother who loved her daughters — and she was also transgender, the term for someone born in a body of the wrong sex.

Les grew depressed and withdrawn, terrified that revealing her need to live her life as a man would mean losing Scott and their daughters, Thea and Amanda.

Weeks passed in which the couple barely spoke. Finally, Scott confronted his wife, just two days before Thanksgiving.

Not long ago, the two of them sat down to recall the conversation that followed.

"I said, ‘What’s going on?’ " Scott recalls. "And then you said, ‘I can’t tell you. Because if I do, you’ll leave me and take the children and I’ll never see them again.’ And I said, ‘You’d probably better tell me then. Because you can’t … you can’t leave it hanging like that.’ "

Read the full story and listen to their StoryCorps HERE

Show us the data Governor McDonnell

During a recent interview with Politico, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell referred to the “overwhelming data” that suggest children do best when raised by a married mother and father.  He is one of many high profile, elected officials taking the liberty to twist the real data in a way that defends their archaic positions on LGBT parenting.

Read the post here

Source: HRC

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