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On Saturday, a young lesbian couple, Mollie Olgin and Mary Chapa, was found shot in a Texas park. So sad…

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Look at this beautiful wedding portrait of Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni!

Just in time for Pride, check out this amazing infograph from Good Magazine illustrating the history of Pride and which countries take part.


Infographic: Pride Parades Around the World

In honor of pride month, here’s a look at the state of the pride parade around the globe. Which countries celebrate openly? And which countries force gay communities to embrace their identities in the dark?

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(via Kids of Lesbian Couples Not Affected by Presence or Absence of Male Role Model |

Not surprising to us here at SET, but still a good affirmation that same-sex couples can and do raise healthy, successful families!

Check out this awesome video that’s part of the White House’s celebration of Pride!

And click here to learn more about SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders). 

Check out this beautiful image from an upcoming Marvel comic book cover — the first ever same-sex superhero wedding!!

Self Evident Magazine - Will Anzevino


William Anzevino is an amazing designer and artist who pulls inspiration from the whole gamut of human emotions – from awkward to sexy. Using his creations and vision as a form of escape, Will’s dedication to design has been lifelong and passionate. Even as a kid, those around him recognized and encouraged his talent. Yet despite this, Will’s childhood in an extremely conservative area made coming into his identity as a gay man difficult. After more than eight years in Los Angeles, he’s found a home and supportive community for his work and life. 

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Self Evident Magazine - Lauryn Siegel - Filmmaker


Native New Yorker Lauryn Siegel is a true Renaissance woman working as a producer, director, writer, creative director, music supervisor, DJ, and even does voice-over work. The media for her work varies from television to cruise ships, gallery spaces to computer screens, theaters to warehouses. Ultimately though, she just tries to work with media that are accessible and represent the under-represented. Her work draws inspiration from the underground music scene (especially DJ culture), and feminist and queer artists. She first became involved with Self Evident Truths through her connections in the New York art scene.

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Self Evident Magazine - Coral Cunningham - Butcher

Coral Cunningham is a fantastic chef, butcher, baker, and Self Evident Truth subject, currently living in San Francisco, a city known for its vibrant food culture. For Coral, good food is a way to connect to a diverse group of people on a basic human level. Sharing food has helped Coral create a supportive, and caring community with everyone around her, from her family to her coworkers. And while working in a male-dominated industry can be isolating and frustrating, Coral’s been able to find a encouraging work environment where her talents valued and respected.


Self Evident Magazine - Alexandra Roxo


Brooklyn-based filmmaker and artist Alexandra Roxo has had work featured in several prominent publications, including The Wall Street Journal, NY Magazine, and Huffington Post. Her first narrative-based feature length film, Mary Marie, explores an unconventional relationship between two women.Since its premiere in 2010, the film has been shown in queer film festivals across the globe, and won Best Cinematography at the Brooklyn Film Festival. Roxo’s involvement in the Self Evident Truths Project helped her come out and feel connected to the queer community.


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