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This incredible pair from South Carolina. Dad didn’t understand his teenage daughter transitioning and became abusive, so Mom dumped him, after many years together, and embraced her daughter. “We don’t need him! It’s just me and her and I am damn proud of my child!” THIS is a real mothers love y’all. Made us feel overcome. #weareyou (at Columbia City Hall)

Come see us in New London Connecticut today from 2-5! Info is at Yay! Last shoot of the East Coast tour! #weareyou (at Hollywood Boulevard)

Come see us at Virginia Pride today on Beown’s Island, from 2-6! #weareyou (at Fort Wayne City-County Building)

Come see us at University of Louisville today from 12-4. Sadly this beauty won’t be assisting us. #weareyou (at West Hollywood/Beverly Hills)

On our way to Kentuckyyyyy!! Come see us at U of Louisville and have your portrait taken tomorrow from 12-4! #weareyou (at Twin Cities Pride)

We’re shooting in Providence today! RISD, Brown represent! We’re on Main Street directly opposite the RISD art museum. #weareyou (at Las Vegas Blvd, NV)

This incredible man told us a story of beating up a guy who called him a fag when they were in the Army. 💃👊👌 Come see us at Tommy’s Park on Middle and Exchange Streets in PORTLAND, MAINE TODAY! 1:30-5! 😘 #weareyou (at Pittsburgh Obama School)

😳 WHOA 😳 THIS HAPPENED TODAY.. It’s been almost five years. #weareyou (at Columbia, South Carolina)

South Carolina, this is your chance to be in the project! Come see us at Columbia Pride today! #weareyou

South Carolina this is your chance to be in the project! Come see us at Colimbia Pride all day today! Xx #weareyou

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